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Zinc Mooring Chain ZPM

A mooring chain is subjected to wear owing to constant mechanical movement. But, it faces a greater risk of galvanic corrosion in water. These problems can lead to unexpected problems with your zinc mooring chain, putting your boat or vessel at risk. ZincWarehouse.com recommends the use of a zinc mooring chain anode for this purpose. 

Corrosion can eat into your mooring chain sooner than you can realize. This makes it imperative to invest in zinc mooring chain anode to keep away from corrosion-related problems. These anodes are meant for use on grade FM3 stud link chain. 

  • Exterior edges and corner radii of cast anode shall be 0.06 to 0.19.
  • Pipe core shall be 9/16" tubing X 0.083 wall conforming to ASTM A 513 type S or 3/8"standard size pipe conforming to ASTM A 513

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