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SALCA Line Cutter

As a mariner, the two major concerns on the high seas are corrosion and propeller entanglement. Sea Shield Marine sensed the need for an effective and affordable product that would address both of these concerns simultaneously. This marked the conceptualization of SALCA (patent-pending) – a single unit that is comprised of a sacrificial anode and a stainless steel disc line cutting blade. Sea Shield Marine has successfully put SALCA through a battery of tests to meets all the parameters on a discerning boatman’s list.

Available as Zinc or Aluminum anodes with Stainless Steel Blades.

Regular SALCABeneteau SALCA

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What’s the difference between conventional underwater line cutters and SALCA?

SALCA goes a step ahead to jointly provide protection against corrosion while cutting propeller entanglement. This is the perfect combination for just about any prop-shaft driven aquatic vessel. The unit can be used in limited clearance areas where a conventional line cutter and a separate anode may not fit; however, if the space is not restricted you can keep your existing traditional line cutter and add SALCA for additional protection.

How it Works

Once SALCA is installed on the vessel, the anode portion will naturally erode as it protects the more important metals. When the anode reaches 50% of the original size, the entire unit can be replaced with a new SALCA. It is an inexpensive alternative to regular underwater line cutters.

How is SALCA installed?

You don’t need the help of professionals to install SALCA. It can easily be installed in a few minutes. The unit is comprised of two halves that clamp securely around the shaft and are secured using simple flat head or Allen key head retaining screws.
SALCA can be installed at any of the following locations:
1: On either side of the strut for double protection.
2: At the aft of the boat’s strut between the prop and strut or cutless bearing.

Reasons to use SALCA

Installing and using SALCA is a very convenient and hassle-free process. Installation and replacement is so easy that it can be carried out by you, your mechanic or diver.

SALCA costs less than conventional underwater line cutters. The anode, being connected directly to the stainless steel blade, protects it from corrosion, eliminating the need for repair and sharpening.

SALCA's construction prevents the separation of the anode body and cutting blade even at several tons of pressure. To prevent the unit spinning under pressure, the anode features a cleverly designed inner radius for the most secure fit.

Where can I buy SALCA?

SALCA is available to purchase directly from zincwarehouse.com (805) 744-2879.

 Part No  

 Shaft Size 


 Outside Diameter






 2" Anode-2-1/2" Blade






 2" Anode-2-1/2" Blade






 2-1/4" Anode-3" Blade






 2-1/2" Anode-3-14" Blade






 2-1/2" Anode-3-1/8" Blade






 2-3/4" Anode-3-1/4" Blade






 3" Anode-3-1/2" Blade






 3-3/4" Anode-4-9/16" Blade






 3-3/4" Anode-4-9/16" Blade






 4" Anode-5" Blade




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